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Stress, fear, and anxiety are familiar feelings when facing a Massachusetts divorce or other family law matter. Mental health experts consider divorce one of the most stressful experiences people encounter, and even post-divorce conflict over matters such as child support and parenting can generate much stress.

As your case progresses, do not be surprised if you feel as though the traditional adversarial legal system exists to cause confusion instead of clarity, and that billable hours for attorneys are the focus instead of problem solving.

Most people are frustrated by the time a high-conflict court-based case is concluded. Frustrated that it took so long, that is cost so much money, and for parents, that working together for the benefit of the kids is more challenging than ever.

Although we cannot eliminate the stress and emotions surrounding your Massachusetts divorce and other family law issues, we will listen to you carefully and take the time understand your concerns and goals. We will provide you with open and honest feedback – even when it may not be exactly what you are hoping to hear.

Some law firms push their clients towards the traditional court-based process and talk about fighting. Things are different at Next Phase Legal. We explore all of your options with you, including the more respectful and efficient alternatives to litigation such as mediation and the collaborative approach to dispute resolution.

All of our attorneys are trained mediators. We view ourselves first as problem-solvers. When, for whatever reasons, options such as mediation and collaborative law are off the table, then our attorneys will represent you in court and work diligently to help you achieve your goals.

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Legal Representation – Massachusetts divorce and family law attorneys in Norfolk County

At Next Phase Legal LLC, there are two distinct parts to our practice. When we have our “lawyer hats” on, we function as a traditional law firm concentrating in the areas of:

When serving as attorneys, we represent your interests and provide you with legal advice and counsel. The majority of cases settle, but getting to that point requires thorough planning and strategy. When settlement is not possible, then we are prepared to go to trial on your behalf. Fortunately, the vast majority of Massachusetts divorce cases settle before that point, but it is still quite the journey to get to that point.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Services (ADR)

The second part of our work involves providing dispute resolution services to individuals, families, organizations, and other professionals – including outside attorneys that seek us out to help resolve challenging cases.

When working in this capacity, we serve as neutral facilitators, and do not represent any of the participants as a lawyer. Yes, we can answer general legal questions and provide information on procedures, but when serving as a mediator or as a conciliator, we do not provide legal advice. Participants may elect to obtain their own attorney while working through mediation, but it is not a requirement.

We provide mediation and alternative dispute resolution services in a number of areas, including:

To learn more about our mediation and dispute resolution services in other areas, please click on the link below to visit that section of our website:

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