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Category: Tax Issues

During your Massachusetts divorce (or a post-divorce issue such as a child-support modification), it makes sense to understand your employee benefits, and those of your spouse or former spouse.  Interestingly, we find that some people are unfamiliar with their employee benefits, whether it is the various health insurance options or something else. This post covers the […]

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Although most people are somewhat familiar with child support and alimony, there is a third category of support that you may not be familiar with.  Unallocated family support doesn’t get much attention compared to the more common forms of support. It is a combination of child support and alimony, but receives the same tax treatment […]

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Are child support and alimony taxable? Can you deduct your support payments? The cost of child support and alimony are important elements of many Massachusetts divorce cases.  When thinking about the types of support you might receive or pay, understanding the tax implications is crucial.   For higher-income families, some divorce agreements or even temporary […]

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