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Category: Retirement Issues

Quick Review Before ESOPs Explained During your Massachusetts divorce, one important part of the process is the Equitable Division of Property.  In my work as a lawyer and divorce mediator, I’ve noticed that clients seem to have a lot of misconceptions about dealing with property during divorce.  Property includes three major types – real property, […]

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If I only had a dollar for every time I heard the statement, “I want social security benefits through my spouse because I didn’t work!”   Although I usually cover this earlier in the case, people forget because it is a stressful time and there is so much going on. So, here is a little social security and […]

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Retirement Plans and Divorce Saving for retirement can be a challenge under the best of circumstances, and your divorce can definitely upset your retirement savings plan. If you have not paid much attention to the family financial situation over the years you may be even more worried when facing a Massachusetts divorce. Whenever thinking about […]

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