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Category: Collaborative Divorce

Certainly your Massachusetts divorce is a legal process, but it is absolutely an emotional one also. Mental health professionals have identified different stages of grief, and the stages are very similar for divorce.  Feeling stressed, sad, and a general sense of upheaval is normal, but some people need more help to cope with the emotions and […]

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In my role as a Norfolk family lawyer and mediator, communicating effectively is key. During my previous career as a police officer, communications were oftentimes more direct, such as:  “Get our of your car” or “I would like another coffee.”   Seriously though, no matter if we are at work or in our personal lives, […]

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Divorce is difficult enough; going to court for divorce is even more tiresome. Fortunately, a collaborative divorce proceeding exists, in which both parties and their attorneys commit to working together to achieve a mutually beneficial resolution to the divorce — including division of assets, child support and arrangements, and more.

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