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Date: September 2016

The conciliation process can be an invaluable tool to reduce intractable conflict in cases where obstacles prevent out of court settlements and cost-effective resolutions. An experienced conciliator can serve as a conflict surgeon and help foster productive communications, curtail unreasonable behavior, and promote creative solutions—relieving the burden and costs created by unproductive negotiations and court […]

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In more than 20 US states, including Massachusetts, adultery is a crime. It may seem archaic, but these are still active laws on the books. In Massachusetts, adultery is considered a crime “against chastity, morality, decency, and good order.” The Massachusetts Adultery Law Under Massachusetts general laws Title I, Chapter 272, Section 14: A married […]

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When you think of custody battles between divorcing spouses, you might assume their fight is over the children. However, in some  situations, the disagreement between two separating people is not about a human child, but instead a fur baby. That’s right, their pets. Just as parents fight for time with their children, pet parents demand […]

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