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When it comes to legal matters, no attorney or mediator can guarantee specific outcomes.  We can make a simple promise about our initial consultations however.  At the end of the meeting, if you do not think the information we provided was informative and helpful, then your consultation is free.

You may be wondering about what your first meeting will be like. Here are some frequently asked questions about initial consultations – and answers – because a list of questions alone isn’t much help.

We have several consultation options available, because one – size does not fit all at Next Phase Legal.  Please CLICK HERE to see our consultation options and conveniently schedule your meeting.

1. Do you offer free consultations?

We provide a thirty-minute complimentary case review meeting.  This could be good option for you if you want to meet us, and get some general information about your situation and some ideas on how you should proceed.  A half-hour goes by quickly, so please note there is limited time to explore the details of your situation.   If schedules allow, you can convert your free case evaluation to a paid, more detailed consultation right on the spot.

Our other consultation options vary in length and the fee charged, but even our full 90-minute consult is billed at a flat fee of $200. This is a bargain when considering that many area lawyers and mediators charge their regular hourly rate for consultations.

Again, please review your options HERE.

2. Should I bring anything to the consultation?

Pizza is always a safe bet, but seriously, it is not necessary to bring documents to the first meeting. You probably have lots of questions, so we suggest that you jot those down and bring them with you. If you have received legal documents, such as a summons, complaint or a letter from an attorney, please bring those items with you.

3. My spouse and I are interested in divorce mediation.  Do we come in together?

Yes, it is best to schedule a joint meeting if considering divorce mediation.

4. Who will I meet with?

You’ll meet with Attorney / Mediator Stephen McDonough.

5. Can I arrange for a telephone or Skype consultation, or an evening or weekend appointment?

Certainly, just call to discuss your requirements.   After hours and weekend time may be limited, but we’ll do our best to accommodate your unique scheduling requests.

6. What happens at the consultation?

We want to hear from you about your concerns and your goals. We understand most people are nervous, but you’ll likely feel at ease after a few minutes. Everything is confidential, and it is a time for us to explore if working together seems like a good fit.  Normally, people find it helpful to consider their process options and get information about legal and/or mediation fees, whether you are interested in a fixed fee or hourly billing.

7. I’m ready to get started, what should I do?

Please look for this button (the new green button) to take advantage of our online scheduling tool that also provides details about our meeting options. If you are afraid of green buttons, or prefer to talk to a real person, then please go ahead and call us.  Before we can meet, we’re required to make sure we don’t have a conflict that would prohibit us from working with you. Thus, we’ll need your full name, address, and a contact number or email when you make your appointment, along with the name of the other involved person(s) in your case. Don’t worry, we respect your privacy so let us know your preferred contact method.

8. I’m nervous. Can I bring a friend or relative to the meeting?

We suggest that you come alone to the consultation, unless it is a joint mediation consultation. Everything discussed at a consultation is privileged and confidential. If there is a third person present (unless affiliated with our firm) the privilege is lost. If you still want to have someone with you, then it is your option.  Please do not bring children to your consultation unless you speak with us first.  We love kids, but it is best if you can arrange childcare for your meeting.

9. I have a couple of other questions about consultations, can I call and speak with someone?

Certainly.  We’d enjoy speaking with you.  Please call us at (508) 359-4043, or complete our contact form.

10. Wouldn’t this list of questions be better if you had 10 questions instead of nine?

Yes, you are correct, it would be.

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